Inspection of the vegetables, Benga Aquaponic facility

Training in aquaponics technology

Training in aquaponics technology

Aquaponic facility, Benga Parish

Aquaponic facility under construction, Bunda College Farm

Aquaponic facility under construction, Bunda College Farm


Logo of the "Aquaponic for Life"-project

Expanded clay pebbles, made in Malawi

Water reservoirs in an aquaponic facility


Firing the clay pebbles

Oreochromis karongae, the "Chambo", the most desired tilapia species in Malawi

Clay pebbles production in Benga Parish


Various tilapia species are a perfect combination with vegetables in an aquaponic facility

Invegrow Director, Tanya Clarke, visiting the Aquaponics system in Bunda College farm

Aquaponics For Life Executive Director, Peace Mnelemba, visiting the facilities of Invegrow, discussing the opportunities


Peace Mnelemba inspecting hemp fibres

Aquaponic for Life

About us

Aquaponic for Life is a Malawian based aquaculture company that aim at transforming living standards through sustainable fish and vegetable farming methods. It specializes in design and installation of aquaponics systems, consulting, trainings and outreach. Our team comprises a blend of young people from different universities and technical colleges across Malawi who are passionate about creating jobs through climate smart agricultural technologies.

Our goals

  • Create one hundred thousand jobs for young people through aquaponics value chain
  • Alleviate hunger and poverty through provision of aquaponics production trainings

Our vision

  • Aquaponic for Life envisions youth-led state of art aquaponic farms and retail shops across Malawi

Our Services

  • Design of commercial and small scale aquaponics systems
  • Installation of aquaponics systems
  • Design and construction of indoor aquaponic aquariums
  • Trainings on aquaponics technology
  • Providing aquaponics Consultancy services
  • Aquaponics Equipment sales


  • Aquaponic training outreach in primary, secondary and tertiary schools
  • System management trainings to rural communities
  • Aquaponics trainings to youth cooperatives

Contact us

White Falls Next to Omega Clinic

Off M1 Road Area 1
Lilongwe City
Phone: +265 998 195 307, +265 881 942 398