Aquaponic For Life


The world bank is financing LUANAR as a center of Aquaculture and Fisheries in sub Saharan region under a Project called AquaFish. Aquaponic for Life is now an official parter of AquaFish due to our smart of transforming agri food systems structure of the region. AquaFish project is a 3.5 year project commencing in July 2022 up to June 2026.

Among other activities, Aquaponic for Life has been tasked to:

  • Design and construct two state of art Aquaponics systems in communities
  • Design and construct a Black two soldier Fly (BSF) production houses, to produce BSF larvae that is best protein for fish and poultry
  • Establish Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in the field of smart agri food system technologies
  • Attach students at our new farm and co supervise students research in the area of aquaponics
  • Conduct fish-hemp-livestock integration research

  • By 2026 we expect to have implemented all of the above and contribute to vast knowledge in climate smart agricultural technologies